SegPlay® Online

SegPlay® Online is a wonderful program to help you experience the joy of paint-by-numbers right on your computer. You’ll enjoy painting right in your browser! Lots of patterns, innovative features and it’s free to start using! Oh, and did we mention – there’s no mess to clean up because there’s no paint!

SegPlay Online

Game Features



In SegPlay Online, you’ll able to adjust the pattern right to your liking – From the canvas color beind the pattern to the line thickness to the number size, you be able to customize the way the pattern feels beset for you!

Game Modes

We make it intersting and fun! You’ll have lots of creative ways to paint the pattern – from the normal mode of doing paint-by-number where you fill numbered pieces with the correct color to our new puzzle-by-number mode which is more like completing a jigsaw puzzle than actual painting! You’ll also be able to explore our time saving hint modes, the skillfull no-mistakes mode, and the no-brainer instant mode.


There’s hundreds and hundreds of patterns to choose from – organized in unique sets with many diverse themes – from monkeys, daisies, horses, frogs, ice cream to hearts. The patterns have various complexities too allowing you to color both simple and complex photorealistic designs.

Play Online

SegPlay Online is our largest version of SegPlay, uniquely designed to work with Facebook’s various game environments – both in their online browser based games and in their desktop program, Facebook Gameroom. Our mobile users can now enjoy painting on large screens running a more powerful program.

Near Infinite Zoom

You can zoom in nearly forever with our digital detailed patterns.  Our patterns are designed using a proprietary vector technology which means each piece will be uniquely shaped and scale without any distortion or distracting pixelating effects.  At virtually any scale factor you want, you’ll simply love painting these patterns.

Photo-realistic results

Our well tuned pattern creation process results in finished patterns that are amazingly photo-realistic.  You’ll swear you’re looking at the original artwork rather than your pattern that you’ve completed painting. Our process carefully forms pieces in unique convoluted shapes and calculates a unique color palette that captures the best colors to use for that particular art piece.  The results speak for themselves – you’ll love these finished patterns!